Trucks and Generators

The same pride we hold in our equipment extends to our trucks and generators.

We own and operate one of the largest, youngest fleets of customized vehicles for lighting/grip support in the entire industry, which allows us to service several productions of any size and scope simultaneously.

You will have peace of mind knowing Insight vehicles and generators are expertly maintained and that our staff will never leave you stranded.


Rental Fleet

  • Tractors with MQ 1600 Amp Tier 4 Generators
  • Tractors with MQ 1400 Amp Tier 3 Generators
  • Tractors without Generators
  • Stake Bed Trucks with MQ 1600 Amp Gen
  • Stake Bed Trucks with MQ 1400 Amp Gen
  • MQ 1600 Amp TOW Plants
  • MQ 1400 Amp TOW Plants
  • HONDA Portable Generators
  • 45' Customized Electric Trailers
  • 42' Customized Electric Trailers
  • 40' Customized Electric Trailers
  • 35' Customized Electric Trailers
  • 28' "Pup" Grip/Electric Trailers
  • 10 Ton 54K GVWR Grip/Electric Trucks
  • 7 Ton 33K GVWR Grip/Electric Trucks
  • 5 Ton 26K GVWR Grip/Electric Trucks
  • 3 Ton 19K GVWR Grip/Electric Trucks